A process to Hire, Keep and Empower Great Employees

The Smart Hire Solution Process™

- Are you clear on what role you need to hire
- Are you in need of a team that supports your business goals
- Do you want to avoid the frustration of the hiring process and interview key, qualified candidates?

This proven method will guarantee you weed out the time wasters and “good enough” employees. Finally, a way to hire intrapreneurs who come “batteries included” and won’t leave within 90-Days that is not dependent on you. You can train skills but you can’t train attitude and integrity. Click for more information on The Smart Hire Solution Process™.

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Are you having one of those weeks?

What a week!  Haven’t we all been there?  I’m in the middle of moving (again), lost a good friend to a stroke, my kid is sick and so on.  I know I’m not the only one having one of “those” weeks.  Some colleagues I’ve spoken to are dealing with employees quitting unexpectedly and leaving them in a … [Read More...]

Are you running your business?
Or, is it running you?


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Falling Victim to Sneaky Time Thefts

In a recent post, we wrote about how to handle the constant interruptions your team sometimes creates.  I was flipping through an on-flight magazine this week and saw a startling statistic.  We interrupt ourselves 21 times an hour, on average, to check our texts, social media, instant messages, … [Read More...]


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Constant Interruptions Driving You Nuts?

Are you in that predicament of constant, well-intended interruptions getting out of control?  Are well-meaning team members constantly asking you “quick questions,” not realizing that while this helps them finish their work , they are pushing you further and further behind? You don’t want to … [Read More...]