A process to Hire, Keep and Empower Great Employees

The Smart Hire Solution Process™

- Are you clear on what role you need to hire
- Are you in need of a team that supports your business goals
- Do you want to avoid the frustration of the hiring process and interview key, qualified candidates?

This proven method will guarantee you weed out the time wasters and “good enough” employees. Finally, a way to hire intrapreneurs who come “batteries included” and won’t leave within 90-Days that is not dependent on you. You can train skills but you can’t train attitude and integrity. Click for more information on The Smart Hire Solution Process™.

Woman at Conference Table

The trick to interviewing is no trick at all

My goddaughter went for an interview a few weeks ago for an open position in her company that would move her from a local store to the corporate office and put her on a real career path.  When I asked her mother how it went, she said, “I don’t know exactly, but she is really upset.”  She went on to … [Read More...]

Are you running your business?
Or, is it running you?


Sad girl

I’m really not sorry

We all have phrases we use that essentially give our power away.  They are those certain qualifiers we say, probably without even realizing it half the time, that obliterate the meaning and depth of what we are saying. My dear friend brought this to my attention one day as we were driving.  I was … [Read More...]


The Power of Small Celebrations – another thing my one-year old taught me about business

In one of our most popular posts, “Six Things My One-Year-Old Taught Me About Managing,”  I shared ways my son approaches daily life that produced tremendous results when applied to my business.  I continue to notice and learn from his innocent, uncensored approach to the world and apply the lessons … [Read More...]