A process to Hire, Keep and Empower Great Employees

The Smart Hire Solution Process™

- Are you clear on what role you need to hire
- Are you in need of a team that supports your business goals
- Do you want to avoid the frustration of the hiring process and interview key, qualified candidates?

This proven method will guarantee you weed out the time wasters and “good enough” employees. Finally, a way to hire intrapreneurs who come “batteries included” and won’t leave within 90-Days that is not dependent on you. You can train skills but you can’t train attitude and integrity. Click for more information on The Smart Hire Solution Process™.

Just breathe – I mean you have to anyway, right?

I can’t believe my employee called in sick again today. She has missed 16 days this year already, and it’s only August!   Seriously, did I just walk by my boss’s office and see him checking email, when I’ve ask him three times to call Mr. Jones back so he will stop calling here yelling at … [Read More...]

Are you running your business?
Or, is it running you?


14 Techniques to Eliminate Useless Meetings

Three Ways to End a Meeting Pronto! Palm a paperclip off the table and use it to cause bodily injury to yourself or others. Once the blood is flowing freely, you have a clear shot to end the meeting. Fake a faint if the meeting is bad enough that you would prefer to spend the next three … [Read More...]



All my candidates stink

Ever complete a round of interviews and think “Man, what is wrong NONE of these are qualified!  Last time I hired I had tons of great people to choose from.  What happened?!” The job candidate market is a fluid, ever-changing pool of candidates.  We’ve literally helped companies hire and had tons … [Read More...]